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Toni Short

Toni Short

Founder + Chief Experience Officer

Leading the charge and inspiring the team is what Toni loves and was born to do.

Toni’s trademarks are her curiosity, her avid love of travel and culture and her charismatic energy and she infuses all of these into everything she does.

Toni’s event career spans over 20 years and over 1000 events.  Kicking things off in Australia, then the United Kingdom, Washington DC and now New York where her agency is headquartered.

She has had the enviable task of holding both agency and in-house roles where she has collaborated with multi-national firms whose brands include Wallpaper*, WWD, Cirque du Soleil, BBC America, Syfy, facebook and Revlon.


Toni’s niche is breaking down large projects with many moving pieces that command a strong presence and integration of design, brand messaging and content and most importantly guest experience.

Toni truly embodies creative global experiences in her personal, artistic and professional life and the results are evident when you meet her and in the projects her squad and her are part of.


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Meet Our Squad

The Camp.

The Camp. is an inspirational, immersive, educational and safe playground where humans can curate their own experiential journey through storytelling, creative expression, and healing practices.

The aim of the space – be it virtual, on-site or remote – is to share ideas, practices and tools for how we can use creativity for personal transformation.

The module-based learning experiences and unique healing modalities offer a variety of opportunities for all who are seeking to express, create, and connect.

The goal of each experience is to provide a sanctuary where humans can deepen their intuitive knowledge as well as explore, experiment, expand, grow, learn, reclaim, and attune to their deep sense of self. Whether through customized sessions or workshops designed for your organization, or a corporate retreat or brand-sponsored festival, The Camp nurtures and sustains pathways to growth – creatively, emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually.

Learn more about Toni’s newest experience… The Camp. powered by Shortlist Agency.


Shortlist Spirit

Shortlist Agency, headquartered in New York City, was created by

Toni Short to deliver imaginative and forward-thinking EVENT experiences that drive maximum value for clients around the globe.

Our Spirit: The synergy between the SHORTLIST and the AGENCY.



  • Balls, Galas & Fundraisers
  • Conferences, Exhibition & Trade Shows
  • B2B Synthesis
  • Consumer Experiential Events & Pop-Ups
  • Corporate Whispering & Retreats
  • Festivals, Workshops & Parades
  • Guerrilla Marketing & Stunts
  • Opening, Closing & Award Ceremonies
  • Premiere Red Carpet & Screenings
  • Product Launches & Press Tours
  • Upfront Presentation & Parties
  • Weddings & Ceremonies
  • Wrap & After Parties

Creative, Strategy & Logistics

  • Branding & Style Guidance
  • Budget Forecasting & Management
  • Collateral & Content Development
  • Creative/Decor/Art Design & Delivery
  • Data, Information Management, Registration & Check-In
  • Energetic Consulting
  • Full Service Production/Technical & Vendor Relations
  • Property & Guest Experience
  • Strategy, Ideation & Conception
  • Talent/Speaker Media & Management
  • Transportation
  • Venue & Hotel Selection
  • Volunteer Management

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